Meeting Date 07-25-2022

Maintaining America’s Advantage at Sea

Rear Admiral John Spencer is the Commander of Submarine Group Ten.  He will be speaking to us about Maintaining America’s Advantage at Sea.  Preserving America’s strategic interests overseas is an important part of our Navy’s mission. But America’s Navy also plays a large part in preserving trade around the world. More than 41 million U.S. jobs – 26 percent – are directly or indirectly tied to global trade. Twenty-six percent of U.S. manufacturing jobs depend on exports. The free flow of goods over the world’s oceans is a national security issue. And the Navy, operating forward, ensures this flow of goods remains unimpeded. Something most Americans don’t think about, but more than 95 percent of all international phone and internet traffic is transmitted via undersea communication cables. America’s Navy plays a critical role in also protecting these vital electronic conduits.


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