Our Focus for 2020-2021

Strategic Goal: MEMBERSHIP


The Dayton Rotary Club will have a diverse and sustained membership of at least 300 people by June 30, 2021.

As with every club, membership is the vitality of our club. Despite the pandemic, we continue to attract people to Rotary. Whether it is due to our strong speaker programs, our community service opportunities, or for networking for business or social purposes, our club continues to attract the best and brightest from the Dayton area. We urge you to consider joining Rotary Club of Dayton. We also have seen that some are resigning from the club for other priorities due to the slowing economy. The club continues to focus on retention of our current membership and we work hard to ensure that we are connected virtually and in safe, in person options.

Strategic Goal: EDUCATION


By June 30, 2021 the Dayton Rotary Club will have established a sustainable and collaborative relationship with Dayton Public Schools (DPS) that has helped DPS achieve measurable positive results.

We have had a strong relationship with the Dayton Public Schools. In 2020 in partnership with Rotary District 6670, we provided 2,000 masks and funds for printing costs for students who do not have appropriate access to the school district’s online resources. We also have restarted our mentoring program with students at the Ponitz High School. We also work with the Montgomery Count First Offenders program to assist with training and job coaching for residents who are returning to the workforce.

Strategic Goal: PHILANTHROPY


By December 31, 2019, the Dayton Rotary Club will realize a 10% increase over 2017 of members donating to the local and international foundations at any level of funding.

The Rotary Club of Dayton achieved this goal handily. The Club showed its generosity with $94,000 in donations to the Miami Valley Tornado Relief Effort. Additionally, the Dayton Rotary Club Foundation added $50,000 to this amount for a total of $144,000. This amount was in addition to the normal Rotary Foundation donations for Annual Fund Share and Polio Eradication. The Miami Valley Tornado Relief Effort funds were donated to the local chapter of the American Red Cross for immediate relief of Daytonians impacted by the destruction of the Tornados


The Dayton Rotary Club will launch at least four local initiatives relating to the ideals of Peace and Conflict Resolution by June 30, 2021.

We recognize that Peace and Conflict Resolution activities can take many forms. For a number of years, our Peace Committee has featured a local individual who engages in peacebuilding each September in celebration of International Peace Day. This year we took it a step further and established the Irv Bieser Peace Award that we conferred upon Library of Africa. Irv Bieser was a club member who spent his life and career dedicated to improving the lives of his fellow citizen locally and internationally. Library for Africa focuses their efforts on building a library in Liberia. This year our club sponsored the Dayton International Peace Museum’s Dayton Peace Accords 25th Anniversary digital exhibit. This exhibit can be viewed at